Valentine Recovery & Salvage

Valentine Recovery & Salvage is a small, family-owned salvage company operating out of a scrapyard on a backwater border moon in the Danuan system. They are included here, not because of the impact that they have on galactic events. Very few people outside of the Danuan system have even heard of VRS. They are included because the Star-Crossed Chronicles are about Dante Valentine, and this is his family.

Headquarters: Valentine Salvage Yard, Shepherd's Moon, Danuan System
Symbol: A heart emblazoned with a skull-like visage superimposed on a double-headed imperial eagle over crossed wrenches

Hierarchy: Like many families, the hierarchy of the Valentine family is established by birth order.

  • Augustus (Augie) - Augie is the oldest of the nine remaining Valentine siblings. He's the boss at Valentine Recovery & Salvage... or so he claims.
  • Duessa (Deuce) - The fifth of the Valentine children and the eldest living female, Duessa acts as a mother to her seven brothers and sister... much to their continued annoyance. She also served as the captain of the Chimera, VRS's custom built fast freighter.
  • Amadeus (Amy) - Amy is the sixth child in the family. Until recently, he served as the project manager for VRS, going out into the field to oversee operations. Since the construction of the Chimera, Amy remained at the yard. Instead of overseeing operations in the field, he now oversaw the company's finances. Most recently, he was arrested, Tried, and convicted of the murder of Helmut Olech and is serving out a life sentence without the possibility of parole on the Rock, a penal colony on one of the moons of Brahl administered by Mamertine Penal Service, a division of Mythic Incorporated.
  • Durante (Dante) - Dante is, as you might have guessed by now, the seventh child of the Valentine family. He was the company's primary field operative. With the construction of the Chimera, he was promoted to Project manager and oversaw the crew on all field operations... a job that he absolutely despised. He died as a result of the "incident." Unbeknownst to his family... but beknownst to you if you're reading the books... he became captain of the Pygmalion after he died.
  • Andromeda (Andi) - Andi is the eighth child, second daughter, and first of the Valentine twins. She is a naturally gifted mechanic. Her siblings often say she gets along better with machines than she does humans. She acted as the chief (and only) engineer aboard the Chimera until the incident. She returned to Shepherd's Moon with Deuce. Now Andi divides her time between overseeing ground operations at the yard as the shop foreman and caring for her injured twin.
  • Silvanus (Silas) - Silas is the second of the Valentine twins, which makes him the nineth child... two facts Andi never lets him forget. Like Andi, Silas is also gifted, though his gift is with computers. He was the crew's diver, gathering information from the CEA on their clients and jobs until the incident left him severely debilitated.
  • Tarek (Terry) - Terry isn't as gifted as Andi when it comes to machines, but he is still a very competent mechanic. He was the shop foreman at the yard, overseeing the yard monkeys as they tear down vehicles and try to salvage parts for resale. After the "incident," Terry was promoted to head of field operations aboard the Chimera.
  • Montgomery (Gomer) - Gomer was always a special child, at least that's what most of his siblings told him... and still tell him. His gift is thinking outside the box. Gomer has a unique ability to make a three hundred credit repair on a thirty credit budget. That comes in handy when you're fixing something, but is of very limited value when you work for a company that tears things apart. He was the primary designer of the Chimera and now serves as its chief engineer.
  • William (Jeep) - The youngest of the Valentine children, Jeep was only three years old when their parents and older siblings were killed. He was raised by his brothers and sisters while they were struggling to keep the family business afloat. Gomer had been trying to teach him the business as best he can, but for now, Jeep is stuck doing the jobs no one else wants to do. He's the only member of the family relegated to the role of shop monkey, though he does get to be the head shop monkey.

Motivation & Goals

Like every family living from payday to payday, the Valentine family is motivated by the need to eat and the desire to do so again in the relatively near future. Their goal is survival.


Like most businesses, VRS hires people. Unlike most businesses, however, these employees often become honorary members of the family. The other usual way of joining the Valentine family is by birth. Additionally, someone could join the family by marriage. Though no living member of the family is currently married, it has happened in the past. Their father, Adam, was married... twice.