Ordo Tenebris

The Ordo Tenbris is a relatively new addition to the galactic underworld. They seem to have gotten their start when a small yet ruthless band of pirates began taking over small criminal operations. They soon forged these disparate pieces into a cohesive network of criminals.

Headquarters: The starship Shimigami
Symbol: A simple trident flanked by two dots

Hierarchy: The undisputed head of the cult-like Ordo Tenebris is Brother Grimm. Local crime bosses are left to run their operations, minus the Brother's tithe, so long as they don't anger Brother Grimm.

Motivation & Goals

The motivations of this group are still clouded in mystery. They don't seem to be motivated by profit because they are known to have forced some organization that they have subsumed into abandoning very profitable lines of business.


Recruitment into the Ordo Tenebris is always done at gun point. Petty crime lords are given the choice to either join or die. Those that choose to join, bring their organizations with them. Those that don't are succeeded by someone who makes better choices.