Not much is known about the Shnigami, her captain, or his crew. At the very least, those who do know aren't talking. The ship first came to the attention of nearly everyone when it destroyed the infamous pirate battleship the Harlock, killing its crew. Since then the Shinigami has gone on a veritable rampage, attacking ships seemingly at random. The ship and crew are wanted by most civil, military, and corporate authorities, including the Economic Security Police. It is surmised that the ship is supported by a vast criminal network, but no one has been able to uncover any evidence of this conspiracy...which is how they know it's true.

Despite the plethora of terrible press about the ship and crew, their targets have largely been corrupt or exceedingly cruel businesses, governments, and people. This has made the Shinigami and her crew veritable folk heroes and earned them an almost cult-like following among the poor and downtrodden masses. It has also turned them into a bogeyman for every corporate CEO and two-bit criminal in the three systems. Brother Grimm is watching. He knows what you've done. He does not forgive. He does not forget. Expect him.

Brother Grimm (Grim) - To say that not much is known about the person calling himself "Brother Grimm" is an understatement. No one knows who the enigmatic leader of this band of brigands, or if anyone does, they have not shared this information with the authorities. He is believed to be a male over six feet in height. He's always seen wearing a cloak and a ballistic face mask painted to look like a stylized skull.

Sister Grimm (The Witch) - Sister Grimm is even more enigmatic than her brother, if they're even siblings. Some reports claim that they're lovers, and the authorities suspect that they might be both... at least that's what their police dossiers say. They believe that she is a female and less than five and a half feet tall. They also know she is never far from Brother Grimm's side.

Bak-en-Mut (SuccuBunny) - Like most members of the crew, little is know about the person authorities call the SuccuBunny. She's only joined a boarding party a handful of time, and even then only after the fighting is done. She seems to be the ship's engineer, or at least responsible to assessing the more technical aspects of a prize and the accompanying booty.

Mister Doctor - Prior to joining the crew, the person known as Mister Doctor was serving several life sentences in the Auster, a super-max prison on the planet Genyosha in the Empyrean system, for being one of the most prolific serial killers the three systems have ever known. He escaped when a band of mercenaries attacked the prison.

Oliver Hawkins (Hawk) - Oliver Hawkins escaped from the Auster along with Mister Doctor. Hawk was being transferred to the Auster to serve out the remainder of several life sentences for a very long list of crimes. At some point after his escape, he, along with Mister Doctor, joined the crew of the Shinigami.

Santa Meurte (Flaca) - Always seen in the company of the Grimm siblings, this sultry bombshell has a reputation for gleefully blowing away would-be opponents with a sawed-off shotgun.