Numerous Organizations make their home in the three systems.   

Economic Security Council - After the last Corporate War, the megacorporations
saw the need for an organization to arbitrate their disputes.  The council consists
of representative from fifteen corporations and other major entities in the three
systems.  Five of these seats are permanent, each of the five remainging
privately-held megacorporations.  The remaining other ten representatives are
elected from other entities an economic interest in the three systems, including
publicly-held mega-corporations, system governments, sports leagues, and even
criminal organizations like the Mystères (see below).  These non-permanent
members serve for a term of five years, with two being elected each year.

Economic Security Police - The ESP is the enforcement arm of the ECS.  They are
charged with ensuring the continuation of commerce in the three systems.  They
have wide-sweeping police powers granted to them by the ESC.

The Mystères - The Mystères are a loose conglomerate of organized crime
families.  The
Mystères are divided into five Nanchons - Radha, Pethro, Ghede,
Kongo, and Nago.  Each of these nachons is subdivided into families, each of
which usually specializes in a particular category of criminal activity, though that
certainly doesn't stop them from dabbling in others.

Sports Leagues - As has always been the case, humans continue to be obsessed
with sports.  In addition to the sports that they brought with them to the stars,
humanity has learned to enjoy some new sports.  

Combat sports have become the most popular category of sports entertainment in
the three systems.  While personal combat sports remain popular and various
combat racing circuits draw sizable crowd, the team sports are by far the most
popular.  Both men's and women's Battlefield Recreational Athletics Leagues
exist, with every system and mega-corporation fielding at least one team in each

Church of Destiny - One by-product of the destruction of the Earth was a uniting of
humanity in a way that no one had dared to dream was possible.  It didn't happen
over night, but it did happen.  The three major Abrahamic religions stopped
fighting one another over their differences and started to embrace their many
similarities.  United, these once disparate groups became a monolithic entity with
considerable political and economical clout.  Currently the Church of Destiny is the
largest organized religion in the three systems.   

The militant arm of the Church of Destiny is private army known as the Sovereign
Holy Order of Consecrated Knights.  SHOCK provides security at all COD facilities
and protects high-ranking members of the church.  In a brilliant public relations
coup, the COD also uses SHOCK to distribute aid to those in need.  Because of
this, the general public sees SHOCK as a humanitarian organization, making them
the most heavily armed and beloved charity in the three systems.   

Emanationists - Of course, if human history has taught us anything, it's that
religions rarely stay at peace for long.  The Emanationists are a fringe religion that
has gained popularity relatively recently.  It seeks to resolve the apparent conflicts
in religious texts belonging to the Church of Destiny.  As such, they might be
considered a heretical splinter group of that church.  The CoD certainly views them
that way.  

Emanationists believe that the whole of existence emanated from a single, perfect
creator as it purged itself of impurities.  This explains why the universe is both
imperfect and the creation of a perfect being.  They believe in an afterlife where
purified emanations (i.e. good people) are subsumed into the creator while impure
emanations are further refined, either through some type of punishment (i.e. hell)
or reincarnation.  

While, on paper, this would seem to encourage people to be better in order to
reunite with the creator.  In reality, it usually serves as an excuse to do terrible
things.  After all, we all begin life as impure emanations purged from the creator.  
We should expect impure things to behave impurely.