The Mystères

While the Hut likes to think they're the natural successors of the mafia, the Mystères actually fulfill that role. They are a large organization of loosely aligned crime families that have their hand in every illegal activity imaginable.

Headquarters: Each family has its own headquarters. The leader of the Ghede Family, the largest family of the Mystères, rules his criminal empire from an estate on the Jovian moon of Io
Symbol: A voodoo doll pierces by a single nail

Hierarchy: Each family of the Mystères, called Nachons is led by a person simply known as Papa or Mama. They are served by underbosses called Baron or Baroness that oversee operations in their area of control.

Motivation & Goals

Every family in the Mystères works to protect and provide for their family... which is a romanticized way of saying that they want to make money and are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.


Most people are born into the Mystères. Those few that join later in life are invariably a friend or distant relative of someone who is already a member. Members are responsible for those they bring into the organization, so they're very careful about who they suggest for membership.