The Fell Children
Kylie wasn't just the first transgenic member of the crew, she was also the first member of the crew
to become a mother.  Her children were not only born aboard the ship, they were raised aboard the
Pygmalion by the members of the crew.  

Over the course of her time on the crew, Kylie had five children - a set of triplets and a set of
twins.    Despite the five child sharing two birthdays, It's possible that none of the children share a
father.  This is due to the physiology of their lepron mother.  

Unlike their pure human counterparts, lepron females have no set estrous cycle.  Instead they are
induced ovulators, releasing their egg after coitus.  This means that an egg is released after each
mating session, and these eggs remain viable for up to fifteen days after release.  If fertilized, each
of the eggs is capable of implanting in the uterine wall.  Since an egg is released each time that
they mate and each egg can implant, is it possible for a single lepron female to carry multiple
children from multiple mates to term at roughly the same time.  While tests could be performed to
determine who is the father of each child, at this point, it doesn't matter to anyone involved.  Every
member of the crew has stepped up to help raise the children.  Somewhat surprisingly, this even
includes DeeCee who has stepped up and done her part to help.