The Hut

No one knows how the Hut got their start, why their symbol is a stylized red hat, or why they tend to use Italian restaurants as fronts. Some speculate that it's a callback to some old science-fantasy space opera flat-vid that was popular back on Earth. Others think its the modern incarnation of the mafia.

Headquarters: Unknown, but many people believe the leader of the Hut may operation either out of Guratoni's on Dolum in the Empyrean system or le Vrai on Luna in the Sol system
Symbol: A stylized red fedora

Hierarchy: The Hut seems to be organized along the same lines as the mob as depicted in the old flat-vids that survived the destruction of Earth. A boss leads his soldiers with the help of underbosses and lieutenants. Coordinated efforts by members of the Hut have led the ESP to speculate that their is a Boss of all Bosses hiding somewhere in the three systems.

Motivation & Goals

The Hut seems to want three things - money, power, and respect.


The Hut recruits members from the poorest communities. They offer a chance at a better life. Sure, you might die, but death is always a very real possibility when you're a corporate wage-slave.