This page serves as your introduction to the world of the Exitus Chronicles.

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The Exitus Chronicles take place in the (hopefully) distant and dystopia future.  
Humans have destroyed the Earth and made new homes on distant worlds.  
Powerful mega-corporate conglomerates strive to maximize their profits at any
cost, while local, planetary, and system governments work diligently to maintain
the delicate peace.  Trapped between these giant cogs and threatening to be
ground down by the machines of politics and industry are the common people.  

The Exitus Chronicles follow the lives of one such family as they try to survive in
a world that sees them as a resource to be used and exploited for profit and
personal gain, as see through the eyes of a member of the Valentine family.

You can use the links above to learn more about this exciting new world and
some of the characters that make their home in it.  There are currently eight
books planned for the first series, and the status of each will be listed below as
we begin working on them.

Please check back to learn more about the progress of the Chronicles and to
learn more about this world and your favorite characters.

Book 1:        The Pilot
   Status:  Written and being edited        
   Release:  Let's get it edited first

Book 2:         The Bounty
   Status:  Being written
   Release:  We should probably finish writing it before we release it