The Economic Security Police

The Economic Security Police are a multi-jurisdictional law-enforcement agency that exists for one purpose and one purpose only - to ensure the peaceful, orderly, and lawful exchange of goods and services for money.

Headquarters: EconSec Offices, Deck 537, Elysium Station, Empyrean System
Symbol: A blue credit symbol over a yellow diamond

Hierarchy: The Secretary General leads the Economic Security Police. He or she answers to the Economic Security Council.

The ESP itself is divided into nine bureaus, each responsible for a different aspect of the ESP's mission and each headed by a Chief Secretary. These bureaus are divided into divisions led by an Executive Secretary. The bureaus are further subdivided into specialized offices led by a Secretary. Some Offices contain departments headed up by an Under Secretary. A few of those departments are further divided into Sections led by an Assistant Secretary.

Most people don't regularly encounter the ESP on that level of organization. They are more likely to deal with the individual ESP Stations, led by a Special Agent-in-Charge. Units within these stations are led by Supervisory Special Agents.

A separate bureau of the handles customs and taxation. This bureau follows the same basic structure as the other bureaus, but agents of this bureau are known as Inspectors rather than agents.

Motivation & Goals

The ESP exists to protect the interstellar economy and ensure the peaceable exchange of goods and services. The ESP only concerns itself with activities that threaten commerce. If the activity cannot be even tangentially linked to commerce, the ESP doesn't care at all.

Given their mandate and the backing and support of the Economic Security Council, and therefore all of the megacorporations, the ESP has broad-reaching jurisdiction and police powers. They're authorized to cross borders, even corporate borders, in pursuit of their quarry.


The ESP actively recruits new agents from numerous walks of life and areas of expertise. College campuses across the three systems have ESP recruitment posters. They offer scholarships to people willing to commit to service once they graduate. Additionally, the ESP has sometimes recruited a particularly skilled or infamous criminal. Sometimes it takes a thief to catch a thief.