The Emanationists

People were surprised when the Church of Destiny was formed. They were much less surprised when its first heretical offshoot reared its head. There have been many heretical sects over the years, but the most enduring of them have been the Emanationists.

Headquarters: None
Symbol: Sixteen rays emanating from a perfect central circle of pure white

Hierarchy: None, though individual adherents of this ideology may gather a group of followers, there is no structure to the heresy

Motivation & Goals

Emanationists believe that God was a being that encompassed all things. God was light, and he was darkness. He was good, and he was evil. When he said "Let there be light" at the beginning of everything, he wasn't speaking the universe into existence. Instead he was banishing the darkness from himself. And that darkness became the universe. This makes the universe and everything in it inherently bad... including humans. That's why we're capable of such depravity. We're literally emanations of the evil that once resided inside God, and it is the goal of every one to purge themselves of evil so that they can rejoin with God. Those who give into their base impulses and fail to purge themselves of evil are reborn to try again.

Naturally, Emanationists strive to purge themselves of evil and rejoin their God. Some do this by denying their base desires and working to make life better for everyone. Others indulge their every whim, hoping to feed their cravings until they're so gorged that they can no longer consume.


The Emanationists are a heresy, so they don't overtly recruit. They do listen for those who might be like-minded, but they tread very carefully. The Church of Destiny is powerful and has a long reach. Even nonbelievers might help to root out heresy to get on the good side of a church official.