The Empyrean Commonwealth

Like most star systems, the Empyrean System is named for the star found at its center. Unlike most star systems, that isn't the only star in the system. Six other stars orbit Empyrus. All of those stars have planets of their own. The Empyrean system had a plethora of untapped resources, which humanity immediately set about exploiting.

The Empyrean system is further from Earth than the Danuan system and its Ark was the last to leave the Sol system. However, due to advances in technology in the intervening years, humanity made Arkfall in the Empyrean system nearly two centuries before they reached the Danuan system.

This unique combination of resources and time make the Empyrean system the wealthiest of the three system. It is home to the Economic Security Council and twelve of the nineteen megacorporations. The various civilian governments struggle to maintain their independence from corporate influence... and they regularly fail.