Danuan Confederation

The Danuan System was the first system humans set out to colonize. Unfortunately for the colonists, advances in technology caused it to be the last system actually settled. The mission to the Danuan system left almost a century before the mission to the Empyrean system, but the ark did not reach Danuan to nearly a century and a half after colonist landed on the first planet in the Empyrean system.

Four of Danuan's planets and thirteen of its moons have been terraformed so far, and extensive resource-gathering operations take place in its asteroid belt. Additionally, The system is home to two fully operational space stations.

Being the last system settled by humans, the Danuan System is the poorest of the three. Still the Danuan system is home to four megacorporations - Irons' Commercial Enterprises, Mythic Incorporated, Quwatt Technologies, and Weyland-Smith-Tyrell Corporation.