You can't really run a space salvage company without a spaceship. Though they didn't have a ship after the destruction of the Horizon, Valentine Recovery and Salvage did have a salvage yard. So they built a ship from the corpses of other ships. Monty designed the Chimera to favor function over form, and he succeeded. It was extremely maneuverable for its size, and it was ugly as hell. In fact, Dante once said that it looked like "a hunchbacked gorilla that fell out of a tree and landed on its face."

Amos McShane (Mack) - When Dante was promoted to project manager, they needed to hire new people to operate in the field. Mack was the first of those hires. Mack tended to member of the crew until the "incident," where he gave his life in defense of his crewmates.

Andromeda Valetine (Andi) - Andi is Silas's twin and a gifted mechanic. She helped design the Chimera and served as its chief engineer.

Duessa Valentine (Deuce) - Duessa had been the pilot of the Horizon. After loosing her arm in the Horizon explosion, Duessa served as the captain of the Chimera.

Asherah Madori (Ashe) - The pilot of the Chimera, Ashe was hired by Dante, even though ship operations was strictly Deuce's purview at the time. Though she was a skilled pilot, there was no question why Dante took it upon himself to hire this sexy little firecracker.

David Nashlan (Nash) - Nash graduated second in his class from the flight academy. He was Deuce's choice for the ship's pilot, but after loosing a flying competition to Ashe, he became the its co-pilot instead. After the incident, he followed Deuce back to Shepherd's Moon where he still serves as the primary pilot for the Chimera flying out of the VRS salvage yard.

Durante Valentine (Dante) - Dante was the company's primary field operative before the Horizon exploded. With the construction of the Chimera, he was promoted to Project manager and oversaw the crew on all field operations... a job that he absolutely despised.

Francis Corcoran (Corky) - Corky was the second member of the field team. Like Mack, Corky tended to think with his fists. Unlike Mack, this was usually a matter of necessity rather than personal preference. Like Mack, Corky gave his life to save his crewmates.

Mikayla Hunter (Mickey) - Mikayla was the last member of the Chimera crew to be hired. She was the ship's medic, so technically she was a member of the operations team. Even though Dante was in charge of operations, it was Deuce who hired Mickey... mostly to get back at Dante for hiring Ashe. (For the record, Dante was more than happy to allow Deuce to hire the medic in exchange for the hot young pilot.)

Silvanus Valentine (Silas) - Like Andi, Silas is also gifted, though his gift is with computers. He was the crew's diver, gathering information from the CEA on their clients and jobs until the incident left him severely debilitated.