The Beloved

Depending on who you ask, the Beloved are either a simple social club for people with more money than sense or a sex cult for people with more appetites than morals.

Headquarters: Club Envy, Elysium Station, Empyrean System

Members: Unknown (estimates range from a couple hundred to tens of thousands)

Symbol: A lip print in black (usually as a tattoo hidden somewhere on the body of the member)


The Beloved make use of nomenclature derived from the monastic orders of Earth. Lodges of Beloved are known as Abbeys and are led by an abbot or abbess. Smaller satellite lodges are known as priories and are led by a prior or prioress.

Within each lodge there are various offices with authority over one or more aspects of group meeting. Once again, these offices take their names from monastic orders. The Cellarer, for example, is responsible for the food and drink that the group will consume. The Hosteler is responsible for the safety and welfare of any guests. While the Cantor arranges the entertainment.

Motivation & Goals

As far as anyone can tell, the Beloved are nothing more than a secretive group of hedonists. Though no one outside the group knows the identities of its members, speculation runs rampant. Everyone who's anyone is suspected of belonging to the group. It is assumed that many a backroom deal is struck during their debauched and depraved gatherings.


The Beloved very rarely recruit. As you can imagine, there are plenty of people actively seeking to join a group of power-brokers renown for drunken orgies. In fact, the Beloved have a very rigid screening process designed to root out those who are not suited for the group. Thus far, all attempts to infiltrate the group have failed, though some suspect that's because the benefits of membership far outweigh anything that would be gained by outing their secrets.