• Archimedes (Archie) - Archimedes is the oldest of the nine Valentine siblings.  He's
    the boss at Valentine Recovery & Salvage... or so he claims.
  • Duessa (Deuce) - The second of the Valentine children and the eldest female,
    Duessa acts as a mother to her seven brothers and sister... much to their continued
    annoyance.  She also serves as the captain of the Chimera, VRS's custom built fast
  • Amadeus (Amy) - Amy is the third child in the family.  Until recently, he served as
    the project manager for VRS, going out into the field to oversee operations.  Since
    the construction of the Chimera, Amy has remained at the yard.  Instead of
    overseeing operations in the field, he now oversees the company's finances.  Most
    recently, he was arrested, Tried, and convicted of the murder of Amsted Olech.  
  • Nathaniel (Nathan) - Nathan is, as you might have guessed by now, the fourth child
    of the Valentine family.  He was the company's primary field operative.  With the
    construction of the Chimera, he was promoted to Project manager and now oversees
    the crew on all field operations... a job that he absolutely despises.  Nathan is the
    narrator of the Valentine Chronicles.
  • Andromeda (Andi) - Andi is the fifth child, second daughter, and first of the
    Valentine twins.  She has a naturally gifted mechanic.  He siblings often say she gets
    along better with machines than she does humans.  She acted as the chief (and
    only) engineer aboard the Chimera until the incident.  She left the crew to care for
    her injured twin.
  • Silvanus (Silas) - Silas is the second of the Valentine twins, which makes him the
    sixth child... two facts Andi never lets him forget.  Like Andi, Silas is also gifted,
    though his gift is with computers.  He was the crew's diver, gathering information
    from the CEA on their clients and jobs until the incident left him severely debilitated.
  • Tarek (Terry) - Terry isn't as gifted as Andi when it comes to machines, but he is still
    a competent mechanic.  He's the shop foreman at the yard, overseeing the yard
    monkeys as they tear down vehicles and try to salvage parts for resale.
  • Montgomery (Gomer) - Gomer was always a special child, at least that's what most
    of his siblings told him... and still tell him.  His gift is thinking outside the box.  Gomer
    has a unique ability to make a three hundred credit repair on a thirty credit budget.  
    That comes in handy when you're fixing something, but is of limited value when you
    work for a company that specializes in tearing things apart.  He was the primary  
    designer of the Chimera, and became it's chief (and only) engineer when Andi and
    Silas took their leave.
  • William Raymond (Billy Ray) - The youngest of the Valentine children, Billy Ray
    was only three years old when his parents were killed.  He was raised by his
    brothers and sisters while they were struggling to keep the family business afloat.  
    Gomer has been trying to teach him the business as best he can, but for now, Billy
    Ray is stuck doing the jobs no one else wants to do.  He's the only member of the
    family relegated to the role of shop monkey.
VRS Employees
Valentine Family
  • Location - Shepherd's Moon, orbiting the gas giant Trivers in the Danuan system
Chimera Crew
  • Manfred Albrecht (Manny) - With Andy aboard the Chimera, the yard needed an
    engineer of its own.  Amy hired Manny to fill that role.
  • Alphonse Kreiger (Fonzie) - Fonzie is one of the shop monkeys and Tarek's best friend.
  • Jason Harring - Jason is another shop monkey.
  • Theron Skyler (T.S.) - T.S. is the yard pilot.  He brings the yard crew out to job sites and
    tows in wrecks that can't get to the yard under their own power.  
  • Kalista Madori (Kali) - The pilot of the Chimera, she
    was hired by Nathan, even though ship operations is
    strictly Deuce's purview.  Though she was a skilled
    pilot, there was no question why Nathan took it upon
    himself to hire this sexy little firecracker.
  • David Nashlan (Nash) - Nash graduated second in
    his class from the flight academy. He was Deuce's
    choice for the ship's pilot, but after loosing a flying
    competition to Kali, he became the its co-pilot instead.
  • Lincoln Meyer (Link) - As you can imagine, the loss
    of Silas hit the crew very hard.  Though they were
    reluctant to replace him, the Chimera was in need of a
    new diver.  They first encountered Link when he
    hacked into the Chimera's computer core and took
    control of the ship's systems.  Eventually they tracked
    the young diver down.  Rather than kill him, like Monty
    wanted, Nathan offered Link a place on the crew.  
  • Mordecai Vance (Morty) - After the incident Mickey
    stayed behind to care for Silas, leaving the Chimera
    without a medic.  That quickly became an untenable
    situation in their line of work.  They tried to find a
    competent doctor to join the crew, instead they ended
    up with Morty.    
  • Daelyn Everett (D.C.) - D.C. wasn't actually hired to
    be a member of the crew.  They met her during their
    first job in the Empyrean System.  At first she was
    viewed as a necessary evil, but she has since
    demonstrated her usefulness.  Who knows, in time she
    might even come to be trusted.
  • Galatea (Tayah) - Galatea is a gynoid that Gomer
    acquired and modified to serve as his assistant.  Once
    the crew saw the changes Gomer had made to the
    robot, "her" value quickly became apparent.  They
    almost stole Tayah, like they had the Chimera, but
    Gomer decided to join the crew and brought his
    assistant with him.      
Former Crew
  • Amos McShane (Mack) - When Nathan was promoted to project manager, they needed
    to hire new people to operate in the field.  Mack was the first of those hires.  Mack tends to
    solve problems by either shooting something or pounding on it until it does what he wants
    it to.  It's not that he's dumb by any means.  He simply prefers it that way.  Mack was a
    valuable member of the crew until the "incident".
  • Francis Corcoran (Corky) - Corky is the second member of the field team.  Like Mack,
    Corky tends to think with his fists.  Unlike Mack, this is usually a matter of necessity rather
    than personal preference.
  • Mikayla Hunter (Mickey) - Mikayla was the last member of the crew to be hired.  She's
    the ship's medic, so technically she's a member of the operations team.  Even though
    Nathan is in charge of operations, it was Deuce who hired Mickey, mostly to get back at
    Nathan for hiring Kali.  When Silas's injury left him severely debilitated, Mickey stayed
    behind to continue to care for him.