The Three Systems
Fortunately for us, and perhaps unfortunately for the rest of the universe, the
Earth survived long enough for us to branch out to new worlds.  

This time, known as the Exodus, was a turning point in human history for a
number of reasons.  Though we had learned much during our time on earth,
there were still things beyond our grasp.  We learned to terraform planets,
making them more like the home we'd so callously destroyed.  We learned how
to create artificial gravity and protect the human body during high-g

Try as we might, we could not develop ships capable of traveling faster than
light.  We theorized how to create stabile wormholes through space, a gate was
needed at each end for them to work.  So we did what we always do.  We sent
sent great colony ships, unimaginatively known as arks, out into the universe.  
Two of these managed to find suitable worlds for humans to inhabit.  
When we finally received their first messages, we learned two very important
things that would change th course of human history....

  1. We were alone in the universe
  2. They had completed constructing the wormhole gates

The humans remaining in the Sol system quickly went to work building their
own gates, and within a few generations, the interstellar gate network was
created.  By the time all three systems had been linked, terraforming was
already underway.  Humanity had reached for the stars, and now we would
bend them to our will.   

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make up civilized space.