• Asherah Madori (Ashe) - The pilot of both the Chimera and the Pygmalion, Ashe was
    hired to pilot the Chimera by Dante, even though ship operations was strictly Deuce's
    purview at the time.  Though she was a skilled pilot, there was no question why Dante
    took it upon himself to hire this sexy little firecracker.  After the "incident," Ashe and
    DeeCee remained on Elysium... until they, along with Dante, stole a gunship named
    "Diplomacy" from the Madori Defense Fleet and escaped from Elysium Station.
  • Daelyn Everett (DeeCee) - DeeCee wasn't actually hired to be a member of the crew.  
    They met her during their first job in the Empyrean System.  A lot happened after the
    "incident."  Chief among these new developments was the relationship that formed
    between Ashe and DeeCee.  The pair escaped Elysium with Dante and formed the core
    crew of the Pygmalion.
  • Dhara Thrace (ElTee) - Dhara was the leader of an elite paramarine fireteam from the
    Madori Active Response Corps.  Her fireteam was assigned to protect Ashe by Ashe's
    older sister Megaera.  Dhara was valued, if unwanted, member of the crew until she was
    reassigned in the days following the death of Ashe's eldest sister Tyrani.  Her new
    assignment was to kill her former charge.  That was something the rest of the crew took
    issue with.  Since Ashe is still among the living and Dhara is not, you can guess how that
    worked out for her.     
  • Durante Valentine (Dante) - Dante is only member of the Valentine family still among
    the crew and the narrator of the chronicles.  After the death of their parents, he served
    as the primary field operative for Valentine Recovery and Salvage.  With the construction
    of the Chimera, he was promoted to Project Manager and oversaw the crew on all field
    operations... a job that he absolutely despised.  Dante was thought to have been killed
    during the "incident."   When Ashe learned that he was still alive, the pair, along with
    DeeCee, escaped from Elysium station by stealing a Madori naval gunship.  Dante
    currently serves as captain of the Pygmalion.    
  • Kyllikki Fell (Kylie) - Kylie was an unlikely, yet fortuitous, find.  The crew ran into her
    engineer... among other things... aboard a dilapidate cruise ship.  The fact that she'd
    kept the wreck flying impressed Ashe, so she offered Kylie a job.  On the run from her
    own troubled past, she jumped at the opportunity.  Kylie is a naturally born leporn,
    making her the first transgenic member of the crew.  Within a year of joining the crew,
    Kylie also became the crew's first mother.  She has since had five children.  
  • Lincoln Meyer (Link) - The crew was in need of a new diver, though Dante saw any
    attempt to hire one as replacing Silas.  They first encountered Link during a visit to the
    derelict dreadnought turned space station, the Delgado.  Link managed to dive into the
    Pygmalion's computer core, take control of its systems, and attempted to ransom it back
    to the crew.  Eventually, they tracked the young diver down and regained control of their
    ship.  Rather than kill Link, like many members of the crew vehemently suggested, Dante
    offered him a place on the crew.  
  • Llewellyn Vance (Lewie) - In their line of work, a competent medical professional is an
    essential member of the crew.  Instead of hiring one, they ended up with Lewie.  Prior to
    joining the crew, Lewie was serving time in a super-max prison on the planet Genyosha
    in the Empyrean system known at the Auster, for some, as of yet, undisclosed crime.  
  • Oliver Hawkins (Hawk) - Like Lewie, Hawk joined the crew during their escape from the
    Auster.  Hawk was being transferred to the Auster to serve out the remainder of several
    life sentences for a very long list of crimes.  He was still aboard the prison transport
    when the crew happened to steal it, and he's been with them ever since.  Among the
    Hawk's numerous convictions are several counts of space piracy... a detail that the rest
    of the crew is loath to let Dante forget.
  • Salem Thrace (Tweedle Dee) - Salem was a member of the MARC paramarine fireteam
    serving under his wife Dhara and alongside their husband Turin.  The fireteam was
    assigned to protect Ashe by her sister Megaera.  It was a role he fulfilled even after he
    and Turin lost their wife Dhara in the line of duty.  Their mission parameters changed,
    when Megaera died.  Though still mourning the lost of their wife, he and Turin attempted
    to kill Asherah.  The happily arranged a reunion for them.          
  • Turin Thrace (Tweedle Dum) - Turin was a member of the MARC paramarine fireteam
    that consisted of his wife Dhara and their husband Salem.  He was assigned, along with
    them, to protect Ashe by her sister Megaera.  It was a role he fulfilled even after he and
    Salem lost Dhara in the line of duty.  When their mission parameters changed, he and
    Salem attempted to kill Asherah.  He paid the same price for his treachery that all traitors
  • Beckett (Beckett) - The real Beckett was Ashe's long-time valet and possibly her first
    friend.  He was killed by her sister Olympia shortly after Ashe, Dante, and DeeCee
    escaped from Elysium.  Another of Ashe's sisters, Megaera, had Beckett's ghost re-
    shelled in a synthetic body and offered the android to Ashe as a peace offering when
    they met above Hatharia, the fourth moon of the planet Valeros in the Empyrean
    System.  The Synthetic Beckett continued his service aboard the Pygmalion until his
    destruction.  They attempted to upload Beckett's ghost to the Pygmalion's computer.  
    Somehow the data became corrupted in the process, leaving the new AI a fractured
    reflection of the man Ashe once knew.
  • Brutus - Brutus is Ashe's robotic guard dog.  The trio took Brutus with them when they
    escaped from Elysium Station.
  • Galatea (Tayah) - Tayah is a "JOI" model gynoid compubine.  The crew "acquired" the
    humanoid robot during their time on Delgado Station.  Her programming has since been
    modified, and she now serves as the ship's custodian.          
The Pygmalion began its life as DLKE-201, a Fury-class gunship in the Madori
Enterprises Defense Fleet named the Diplomacy.  Asherah, Dante, and DeeCee
liberated the Diplomacy from its mega-corporate oppressors during their escape
from Elysium Station.  They promptly repainted and renamed the former warship.