Corporate Accords
The questions we hadn't thought to ask ourselves were even
less important once our very existence was in jeopardy.  

One of the things we never considered when we first set out to
explore the universe was who, exactly, we were entrusting with
this vital mission.  Like most of the problems we've created
throughout our history, we only realized the questions we
should have been asking once the answer was painfully clear,
and by then, it was too late.
Humanity had long seen the myriad of possibilities that the stars offered.  Countless
generations had peered up at the night's sky and let their imaginations wander.  The
stars represented the unknown.  They held untapped resources.  They offered us a
second chance and a new home.  Most importantly, they offered us hope when we so
desperately need it.  While looked up at the stars dreaming of a better tomorrow,
others looked at them and saw something different.  They saw profit.  

Corporations had long tried to poach our best and brightest from the public sector.  
Thanks to things like salaries commensurate with ability and training, they were
largely successful.  The corporations and their armies of scientists and engineers did
what they could to help humanity spread out among the stars.  Most people naively
thought they were doing it out of some sense of unity and the desire to achieve a
common goal - the survival of the human race.  Instead, they were motivated by the
same thing that always drove them - greed.  

New worlds meant new resources and new markets.  The corporations were certainly
not going to let any of that go to waste in the name of something foolish like the
survival of our species.  Besides, why couldn't they survive and prosper?  They were
instrumental in our salvation, after all.  Was it really too much to ask that they were
able to turn a hefty profit in the process?

Armed with the latest technology and led by some of our greatest minds, the
corporations quickly staked their claims on the new worlds.  By the time the fledgling
civil governments of the three systems got their act together, the corporations were
too big and too powerful to oppose.  To their credit, governments still tried, sparking
off the Corporate Wars.

For more than a century, private, corporate funded, armies tore across the three
systems, waging war on the governments and each others alike.   The toll in lives was
immense, but it was the expenditure of resources with no return on investment that
ultimately brought the war to a close.  

The largest corporations got together and delivered their terms to the governments of
the three systems.  Faced with extermination by a technologically and numerically
superior foe, the governments had no choice but to agree to the corporations' terms.
Of Course, not every corporation in the three systems is a megacorporation capable of
challenging the governments of entire systems.  Some are only capable of strong-
arming a single planetary government.  Others are just large enough to buy a few
government officials.  And others struggle just to survive.

Here is a list of some of the smaller corporations that still manage to leave their mark
on interstellar society.     

  • Adaptive Genetic Research
  • Affordable Augmentations - Cybernetic & Transgenic Augmentation
  • Angel Armaments - Weapons Manufacturing
  • Antedeiluvian Research Foundation - Non-Profit Religious Research
  • Avant Guardeans - Private Security
  • Chekov Design Innovations - Weapons Manufacturing
  • Consumer Investment Group - Investment Banking for the average person
  • Emergency Medevac Services - Emergency Medical Response Services
  • Erotech Robotics Corporation- Domestic Entertainment Robots
  • Flatline Incorporated - Private Military & Security Company
  • Genesis EnviroTech - Terraforming Technologies
  • InfoCorp - Independent News Organization
  • Integrated Computer Systems - Industrial Networking & Computing
  • Interstellar Rescue Company - Medical, Security, Intelligence, & Crisis Response
  • KineTech Weapons Systems - Weapons Manufacturer
  • McGuffin Industries - Advance Technology
  • Metaphysical Science Research Partners - Research into Psionics
  • Millennium Group - Consumer Goods
  • NewsNet - Independent News Organization
  • NexTech - Advanced Technologies
  • Noble Knight Security - Private Security
  • Nunyo Business Solutions - Business Consulting & Legal Services
  • Osterhagen Defense Systems - Defense Contracting
  • Parallax Consumer Recreation - Entertainment
  • Prestige Consumer Products - Consumer Goods
  • Proteus Biomedical - Medical & Cybernetic Technology
  • ProtoCo - Consumer Goods and Foodstuffs
  • ProtoGen - Genetic Research
  • Scudo Rosso Financial - Independent Financial Institution
  • SOTA Tech - Advanced Technology
  • Solo High-velocity Interstellar Transit - Shipping & Freight
  • Stirling Aerospace - Spacecraft
  • Sunova Productions - Entertainment
  • Timcin Weapons Systems - Weapons Manufacturer
  • Trans-Empyrean Carriers - Shipping & Freight
  • Trinity Corporation - Consumer Goods
  • United Petro-Chemical Corporation
  • Wolfe Brothers Custom Security - Private Security Company