Martian Federacy
What is known known as the Martian Federacy was the original home of
humanity.  It is home to eight planets, numerous dwarf planets, and a myriad of
smaller celestial bodies.  Earth, long rendered uninhabitable by humans, hangs
in the sky as a reminder of our past follies... so that we can recognize them in
retrospect when we invariably repeat them.  

Mars is the only inhabited planet in the system, being the very first planet
terraformed.  Seven of the moons in the system have been terraformed,
including four Jovian moons, one Saturnian moons, and one Neptunian moon.  
Additionally, the numerous astroids and dwarf planets are home to mining
colonies, manufacturing facilities, and the habitats necessary to support them.    

The system is also home to three megacorporations - Eurocorp, Fitzroy
Holdings, and Nerion Innovative Technologies.