Madori Enterprises


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Mayon, Empyrean System

Sidero Madori              

Sidero Madori  


Madori Family.....................100%

Acme Consumer Products
Hohenheim Institute
Kayaba Advance Research & Development
Khyron Security Solutions
Madori Active Response Solutions
Madori Advanced Consumer Electronics
Madori Applied Transgenic Technologies
Madori Arcologies
Madori Commercial Transportation Corporation
Madori Consumer Products
Madori Corrective Services
Madori Cybernetic Systems
Madori Defense Technologies
Madori Financial Group
Madori Interstellar Telecommunications
Madori Intervention, Rescue, & Recovery Services
Madori Investments & Holdings Corporation
Madori Ordnance & Munitions

Madori Robotics Incorporated

Madori Sports Entertainment
Madori Interstellar Tourism & Hospitality Company
Orion Genetics (OriGen) Corporation
Overwatch Security Services
TruSim Entertainment
Weston Intelligence and Security Consulting