Like most star systems, the Empyrean System is named for the star at its
center.  Unlike most systems, that star is not the Empyrean system's only
star.  Six other stars orbit Empyrus, each with its own system of planets and
moons.  Also unlike the other two systems, the Empyrean System still has a
sizable number of planets and moons that have yet to be terraformed.

Though the mission to the Empyrean System was the last to leave Earth and
despite its great distance from our home planet, this system was the second
to be inhabited by humans.  Because of its abundance of planets, it is the
richest of the three systems.  

It is also home to the most megacorporations - twelve of the nineteen largest
and most powerful make their home here.  This includes the two largest
megacorporations - Madori Enterprises and Sinclair Technologies.  The
system is also home to four of the five privately held megacorporations.