Confederation of Danu
The Danuan System, named for the star Danu, is home to three inhabitable
planets, thirteen inhabited moons, and numerous mining colonies strewn
throughout the asteroid belt.  They range from the lush vacation moon of Arwyn
to the barely civilized Shepherd's Moon.

The Danu System is physically closer to the Sol System, but it was the last of
the three systems to be inhabited.  In a strange twist of fate, while the intrepid
explorers were enroute to Danu, advances in technology allowed a latter
mission to reach the Empyrean System first.  As such, Danu is the least
developed of the three systems.  

Four megacorporations call the Danuan System home - Mythic Incorporated,
Quwatt Technologies, Irons Commercial Enterprises, and the Weyland-Smith
Tyrell Corporation.