Cybernetically Enhanced Array
The Cybernetically Enhanced Array, or CEA (pronounced
like "sea") is an interconnected network of bio-technical
computer systems that allows for communication across
the three galaxies.  This network manifests as a virtual
world where nearly anything is possible.  Every business
and most people have a CEA presence.  Though the
architecture of each is as different as the entities they
represent, most take the form of islands or ships sailing the
vast sea of information.   
In its first incarnation, the virtual world appeared too real in the minds of its users.  
That might not sound like a bad thing, but, when people started drowning, it was
clear that something had to be done.  Adjustments were made to the system to
provide fail safes while still maintaining the immersion that the technicians had
worked so hard to achieve.  Now accidental deaths within the CEA are almost
unheard of... and intentional deaths are mostly limited to people to hack their way
into sensitive systems where they do not belong.  

Just as in the real world, the CEA presence of megacorporations falls is considered
the sovereign territory of those corporations, and company policy holds the weight
of law.  Policing the rest of the CEA is handled by the Economic Security Council,
which is controlled by the megacorporations.  Luckily, their rivalries all but ensure
a (mostly) peaceful experience for everyone else.