• Alexandra Sinclair (Alyx) - Some people are fascinated with how things work, so they
    enjoy taking things apart.  That's how Alex was... except, she wasn't interested in
    machines.  She was interested in organics.  She loved taking them apart to see how
    they worked.  The problem is that living things don't go back together as easily.  This
    was a problem for most people, but Alex didn't really like people... not living ones
    anyway.  They talked too much and had feelings and emotions.  As you might have
    guessed, this did not make Alex very popular.  So, when the two people who had
    actually accepted her for who she was decided to run away, naturally she went with
    them.  She serves as the medic on the Al-Mi'raj, a role she utterly despises.
  • Benjamin Fell (Ben) - Ben is the youngest son of Kylie Fell, the former mechanic of
    the Pygmalion.  Ben grew up alongside Hiro and Ozzy, and he ran away with them
    when they stole their parents' warship.  Ben is a skilled mechanic, and, at twenty-four,
    is the oldest member of the crew.     
  • Ozymandia Valentine (Ozzy) - Ozzy is only daughter of Dante Valentine and Asherah
    Madori and twin sister of Hiro.  She ran afoul of some of her parents' less savory
    business associates.  Hiro rescued her from a fate that certainly may have actually
    been worse than death, at least she believes it would have been.  Disgusted by what
    had happened, she and Hiro left their home aboard Elysium station, stealing their
    parents' ship in the process.  She serves as the captain of the Al'Mi'raj.   
  • Hiroshi Valentine (Hiro) - Hiro was raised on tales of adventure.  He always wanted
    to follow in his parents' footsteps.  The problem was that he wasn't very adventurous
    himself.  That all changed when his twin sister Ozzy was kidnapped.  While his parents
    decided how best to handle the situation, Hiro mounted a daring rescue, and, against
    all odds, he succeeded.  To his surprise, when he returned safely with his sister, the
    same people who had regaled him with tales of their own adventures, reprimanded him
    and his sister for their reckless actions.  The pair decided to run away... Though, at
    their age, it was really just moving out... They did manage to steal a warship in the
    process.  Hiro serves as the mechanic of the Al-Mi'raj.
  • Saeko Kusanagi (Psycho) - How Saeko met the Valentine twins is a story best left for
    another time.  What I will say is that she's a very skilled combatant, possibly even more
    capable than Ozzy, and serves as the crew's protector and the ship's muscle.  
  • Galatea (Tayah) - A "JOI" model gynoid compubine that their parents had acquired
    sometime in the past, Tayah was powered down when the ship was decommissioned.  
    Hiro found her in engineering.  He powered up the synthetic humanoid and found her
    systems were still operational.  Tayah has the distinction of being the only crew
    member to serve aboard  the ship in both its incarnations.
  • Long John Silver (Johnny) - Long John is a robotic parrot that Hiro built for an
    engineering competition.  He won, but it was a hollow victory.  His competitors all
    scoffed at his achievement, crediting his parents wealth and his access to state-of-the-
    art robotics research and manufacturing facilities for his success rather than his own
    skill.  Truth be told, he did use the lab at Kayaba Research & Development.  He would
    have been a fool not to.  But he'd done all the work himself, from design to construction
    and programming.  He'd originally thrown the bird away, but his father rescued it from
    the trash.  Hiro keeps the bird to reminder himself that his parents weren't always
The Al-Mi'raj is, as you may have guessed from the silhouettes, the Pygmalion... which
was the Diplomacy.  In an unsurprising case of history repeating itself and like their
parents before them, Ozzy and Hiro stole the Pygmalion during their own daring
escape from Elysium Station... and promptly repainted and renamed the ship.